What exactly is CBD?


Nowadays whenever people talk about CBD it’s almost obvious to link towards the healing benefits of chronic pain and physical diseases. And of course, that certainly being the case, we decided to highlight another important subject by discussing the positive impact CBD oil provides in regards to one of the most common issues so many women face: the daily battle towards anxiety, stress and insomnia. But first we’re going to take a deeper look in to the making of CBD and its many possibilities.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD stands short for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the 104 substances that can be found in all hemp plants and by extracting the source from the leaves and flowers it is considered an all-natural and chemical free produce. After thoroughly being selected in certified laboratories, the CO2 extraction will provide a semi-finished product.The last and final step is selecting the amount of percentage CBD to add before blending it with a high-quality oil and there, your product is finished.

So how does it work?

Off to the science part: our human body creates the so-called ‘’endo-cannabinoids’’. This system is unique to all mammals, meaning every human, cat, dog and horse produces this endo (meaning: bodily) cannabinoids within our own bodies. Therefore amplifying or enhancing it into our systems, with the CBD extracted straight from nature, the results are proven to be magnificently positive.

A wide scale of options* The most popular product on the market is by far CBD oil. But nowadays there are many options and varieties to suit every human in search of this healing plant. From CBD supplements to CBD tea, hemp chocolates, CBD honey and yes, even those sweet old candies. 

If you are looking to expand your natural skin care there are many products that contain CBD who focused on the dry, sensitive and aging skin. From moisturizing hand creams, CBD facial serums, hempseed eye cream and even lip balms. You name it. *CBD products contain no THC, therefore it will not give you the ‘’high’’ effect.

Struggling with anxiety, stress or insomnia it is safe to say that we live in a world where the pressure of doing everything, while being everywhere has become very normal to us. Our jobs require a lot of energy and sometimes pressure can take its toll on you. This can result into huge amounts of stress, anxiety and even insomnia. And while medication can help you in some ways, it is safe to say that they are not the healthiest in long-term usage. Not to mention the many side effects. A more natural and safe way to create a healthy balance between a good night sleep can be the use of CBD oil.

Cannabidiol has proven to have a big impact on our nervous system which results in to a more calm and peaceful sleep throughout the night, which naturally leads to more energy during the day. A small dose of CBD can increase your energy balance drastically and help you manage your inner-chaos and therefore be more practical when it comes to your everyday tasks, without any side effects. And even when it comes to anxiety, (which has increased a lot these past years). A human study shows a drastic decrease in anxiety after consuming CBD. Researchers monitored their patients with several tasks including a public speaking test. Participants reported significantly less anxiety, all the while being monitored with indicators like heart rates and blood pressure.

[Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20829306]

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