Unleash Your HHC Vaping Potential with LOOM: Pure Bliss, Zero THC

HHC-O: Unlock the Gateway to Extraordinary Vaping and Edibles, Where Bliss Meets Innovation!
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HHC-O Disposables

HHC-O infused delights, available at Held, will elevate your journey. As you reinvent your cannabis experience with HHC-O, you will find a new level of relaxation and energising vitality. Join us right now.

HHC Brownie

Introducing our Forbidden Fruit HHC Chocolate Brownie, infused with 50mg of HHC hemp extract for a blissful experience. Indulge in the perfect blend of flavours as you enjoy this delightful treat.

H4CBD Disposables

H4CBD is a new molecule developed to provide all of the advantages cannabis without any of the psychoactive effects. Seeking to experience H4CBD without the need to smoke it, the Triple X Zkittlez H4CBD vape pen serves as an excellent alternative.

Knowledge Base


Held was founded in Amsterdam in 2018, but the roots of the company were set many years before . Our interest in alternative medicine and medical cannabis started 15 years ago. Our research and studies were initiated after Mrs. van Karen’s diagnosis – a relative of one of the co-founders. Having read countless pages of research, ranging from Dr. Mechoulam to Dr. Hazekamp, as well as our own research and studies, gave us the confidence to help others as well.

HHC Stroopwafels
H4CBD Disposables
HHC Brownie