Forbidden Fruit HHC-P Extreme Jelly

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Introducing the latest innovation from Forbidden Fruit – the HHC-P Extreme Jelly Capsules!

Crafted for longevity and potency:  lasts over 12 hours

Specifics of our cannabinoid composition in each capsule:

  • CBN (Cannabinol): 10mg, offering tranquility and potential sleep-enhancing benefits.
  • CBD (Cannabidiol): 5mg, for its restorative effects that promote calmness and ease.
  • CBG (Cannabigerol): 2mg, the precursor cannabinoid, for its positive impact on mood and overall balance.
  • HHC-P (Hexahydrocannabinol-P): <1mg, less than 0.1% by weight, providing a powerful yet compliant addition to your wellness routine.

Usage Instructions: One capsule per day to immerse yourself in sustained well-being.

Important : For your safety and well-being, we recommend a maximum intake of ONE  Extreme Jelly a time. Your health is our priority.


Forbidden Fruit HHC-P EXTREME JELLY: Elevate Your Well-being

Unveiling a Breakthrough in Cannabinoid Wellness

Explore the cutting edge of cannabinoid science with Forbidden Fruit’s HHC-P Extreme Jelly Capsules. Crafted for those seeking a potent and helps addition to their wellness routine, these capsules epitomize innovation and natural harmony. Engineered with a slow-release design, they promise over 12 hours of controlled benefits, seamlessly integrating into your daily life.

Dive into the Powerful Blend

Each capsule houses a robust blend of cannabinoids, carefully measured for maximum impact:

  1. CBN (Cannabinol): 10mg
    • Induces a peaceful state of mind and supports improved sleep patterns.
  2. CBD (Cannabidiol): 5mg
    • Facilitates relaxation and relief, beginning a foundation of calm.
  3. CBG (Cannabigerol): 2mg
    • Offers mood-stabilizing effects, contributing to overall wellness.
  4. HHC-P (Hexahydrocannabinol-P): <1mg
    • Delivers a potent experience within legal limits, without the THC-induced high.

A Fusion of Tradition and Precision

Forbidden Fruit matches ancient botanical wisdom with modern scientific accuracy. The HHC-P Extreme Jelly Capsules cater to those prioritizing sustained well-being. The advanced formula guarantees a steady, prolonged effect, providing a seamless blend of cannabinoids.

Simple Usage, Maximum Benefits

Our recommendation is straightforward: one capsule daily for a comprehensive spectrum of cannabinoid advantages. For newcomers to HHC-P, a smaller initial dose is advisable to gauge your body’s response.

More Than a Supplement:

Choosing Forbidden Fruit means embracing an elevated approach to health. Our HHC-P Extreme Jelly Capsules go beyond mere supplementation; they embody a strategic addition to a lifestyle centered on health and clarity. Committed to quality and a THC-free formula, we ensure an uncompromised journey to wellness.

Empower Your Journey with Forbidden Fruit

With Forbidden Fruit’s HHC-P Extreme Jelly Capsules, you acquire more than a physical product; you gain a consistent and reliable ally in your quest for balance and well-being. Here’s to a future of feeling centered, energized, and empowered every single day.

7 reviews for Forbidden Fruit HHC-P Extreme Jelly

  1. Peter o

    Nice effect! t lijken net visolie pilletjes. moet wel opletten dat ik ze niet mix met mijn vitamines lol.

  2. Joris J

    De jelly is fantastisch. Langdurig effect waardoor ik van een geweldige tijd had van ochtend tot avond, allemaal met slechts één jelly. Zeker aan te raden voor een speciale ervaring

  3. kevin geert

    only 3 jellies but amazing experience. nice high. steady build up to the experience,

  4. Meriam

    La gelatina HHC-P Extreme cambió mi fin de semana por completo. Una sola y estuve en una nube de felicidad y relajación todo el día. Increíble cómo algo tan pequeño puede hacer tanto

  5. pieter te zanden

    Met slechts één jelly voelde ik me urenlang ontspannen en gelukkig. Zeker aanrader. was binnen 1 dag ook binnen!

  6. Kenni

    Just tried the HHC-P Extreme Jelly, and WOWW, it’s a journey. I took one jelly and headed to the beach to catch the sunset. Not only did I enjoy the most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen as the sun dipped below the horizon, but I was also in this blissful state of mind for hours. I ended up staying to watch the stars and even caught the sunrise, still feeling that gentle high. It was an unforgettable experience, all from just one jelly.

  7. anno279

    It gave me a break from stress and anxiety! Definitely a product i needed for a long time

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