Our Story

It all started when the co-founder’s close family member was diagnosed with Arthritis.

Like most people she decided to start with modern medicine, but soon realised it had no beneficial impact on her health and included side effects such as fatigue, nausea and feeling weak.
Not wanting to take “no” for an answer, the co-founder decided to explore alternative forms of treatment. Soon after giving CBD oil a chance, the owner’s aunt’s condition improved and throughout the years only got better and better. Although her condition was not curable – CBD oil reduced her pain and enabled her to stop taking her medication. Seeing the significant improvement only pushed us to share our story, experience, and knowledge with others suffering from similar conditions by teaming up to create HELD.

The one thing that triggered our curiosity the most in our quest for a natural treatment was CBD oil. At first it seemed strange that a plant as simple as hemp could possibly pack these incredible health benefits, but the more we studied the more we realised that we were onto something. 
After all, for thousands of years, people have been thriving on natural herbs that gave them the energy and nutrients they needed to survive and overcome illnesses, without the help of modern medicine.

That’s how the Held concept was born.

Our belief is that by having a close connection with nature and supplementing our diets with key missing nutrients, we can lead a healthy life and keep modern diseases at bay.  Our vision is not only offer people an alternative to medicine through natural remedies, but to also spread awareness about the benefits of CBD – thus contributing to its’ social acceptance. But this was no easy task.

In order to offer our customers the best quality and experience, we had to immerse ourselves in the entire process from the beginning to end. 

This included visiting hemp farms all over Europe that produce CBD oil and carefully examining the growing process, care and quality of plans.

From seed to shelf we made sure our CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp using the most advanced CO2 extraction method and under strict regulations with respect to the natural processing practices.

Unfortunately, not all CBD products are created equally. Some contain too little CBD while others too much. 

At HELD we never compromise on quality and are committed to bringing you the purest, premium-grade, third-party tested, toxin-free CBD oil and tea products. Not only did we stop at choosing the best CBD oil for our customers, we wanted to make the product even stronger by adding vegan vitamin D and fortifying it. 

Since there’s little sunlight throughout the year in the Nordic countries, our bodies lack vitamin D, which supports a healthy immune system, strong bones, and overall good health.

We believe that our customers’ personal quest to self-discovery and healthy living wouldn’t be complete without proper advice and education on the subject and that is why we offer personal advice through our blog section. In addition to that we also have in-house experts ready to consult people regarding cannabidiol oil and its use. 

Since we’ve taken the pledge to help as many people as possible experience the benefits of CBD oil without letting the money get in the way, we’ve also decided to offer special discounts to those who really need CBD and cannot afford it. This is our way of saying we care.