Held Tea Pink Cocktail


Getting home tired after a long working day? Try Held Tea Pink Cocktail enriched with CBD flowers for an incredible relaxation and unmatched taste experience. Held Tea ingredients are carefully selected to reduce anxiety and to boost overall health. Enjoy


Experience pure relaxation with Held Tea Pink Cocktail. This incredibly tasty tea enriched with CBD flowers is full of antioxidants and vitamin B6. 

Every kind out of our range is carefully selected to create the best taste and zen experience. Held Tea Pink Cocktail will boost up your liver health and helps fighting free radicals thanks to the ingredients Hibiscus. The rest of the ingredients? They are there for your pleasure.

Benefits of Hibiscus

Hibiscus tea is promoting liver health and helps fighting against free radicals. Free radicals causes damage to cell, DNA and proteins. Hibiscus is a of big source of antioxidants and antioxidants are a natural substance whose job is to clean up free radicals. Similar to fibers who cleans up waste products in the intestines, antioxidants clean up the free radical waste in the cells.

Ingredients: CBD flowers, strawberry, Hibiscus, wineberyy and sour cherry
Harvest: Spring 2020 
Origins: Spain, Italy and Malaysia
Taste experience: Sweet and red fruity
Allergens: Caffeine-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, THC-free


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