HHC Gummies Strawberry 250mg


HHC Stoney – Gummies Strawberry 250mg – 50mg x 5pcs

  • Content: 50mg HHC per gummy
  • Quantity: 5 gummies per sachet
  • Total HHC: 250mg per sachet
  • Advised Dosage: 1 gummy
  • Effect Duration: 1 – 2 hours
  • Flavor: Strawberry

Experience relaxation and a mild euphoric feeling with each serving.



HHC Gummies Strawberry 250mg

Enjoy the simple pleasure of our Strawberry HHC Gummies, with 250mg of HHC distributed in 5 pieces. Each gummy carries 50mg of HHC, offering a gentle path to relaxation.

In every sachet, the natural taste of strawberries combines subtly with hints of blueberry for a satisfying treat. Whether seeking calm after a busy day or a sweet respite, these gummies are a straightforward choice for ease and enjoyment on the move.

Savour the essence of relaxation with every gummy, crafted for those moments you wish to unwind.