LOOM HHC Durban Poison 1900mg 2 ml Vape


Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain from the South African city of Durban. This strain is popular among cannabis users looking for an energizing and creative high because to its stimulating and uplifting qualities. Durban Poison has a sweet and spicy scent with anise and licoricey undertones. Its tastes are reminiscent of its perfume, having a sweet and spicy flavour profile that is smooth on the inhale and exhale. Overall, Durban Poison is an excellent choice for people seeking a concentrated and clear-headed high.

Terpinolene is the most prevalent terpene in Durban Poison, followed by Ocimene and Myrcene.



Energetic – Focused – Uplifted

Helps with:

Anxiety – Stress – Depression


  • 95% Premium HHC Distillate
  • 5% Terpenes
  • 100% Hemp-derived
  • Minimum 600 puffs
  • Sativa, Energetic


LOOM HHC vapes are now available, the most powerful HHC vapes on the market. This innovative HHC vape uses premium 95% HHC distillate, combined with amazing terpenes to deliver a powerful mental and physical buzz.

HHC is a brand-new hemp-derived compound, with effects similar to Delta-9 and LOOM Vapes are extremely popular due to great terpene flavours, users report a nice clear high.



Introducing LOOM HHC Durban Poison

Discover the captivating world of LOOM HHC with our Durban Poison 1900mg 2 ml Disposable.

Unveiling Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a beloved sativa strain originating from South Africa, renowned for its energizing effects.

Energize Your Day

Start your day off right with Durban Poison. Its invigorating properties offer a boost of energy and creativity.

Aromatic Profile

Durban Poison boasts a unique aroma characterized by sweet and spicy notes, similar to licorice.

Exploring Terpenes

Delve deeper into Durban Poison’s effects with its high levels of terpenes, including:

Limonene: Known for its citrusy aroma, limonene enhances mood and promotes stress relief.

Terpinolene: With its floral scent, terpinolene contributes to Durban Poison’s uplifting and euphoric effects.

Myrcene: This earthy terpene provides relaxation and sedation, balancing out Durban Poison’s energizing qualities.

Navigating HHC Effects

While CBD offers no psychoactive effects, HHC in Durban Poison may alter your perception and mood.

Common Effects

Users often report experiencing increased energy, enhanced creativity, uplifted mood, and improved focus.

Dosage Considerations

As with any cannabinoid, effects may vary depending on dosage and individual tolerance levels.

Using Durban Poison HHC

For those new to HHC, we recommend starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing as needed.

HHC Delivery Method

Our 2 ml Disposable ensures convenient and discreet use, perfect for on-the-go relaxation.

Experience the Difference

Join us on a journey into the world of Durban Poison and explore the uplifting allure of this remarkable strain.

LOOM HHC’s Commitment

At LOOM, we’re dedicated to providing premium-quality products designed to enhance your well-being.

Explore the Possibilities

Discover the full range of LOOM HHC products and unlock a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Start Your Journey Today

Elevate your experience with LOOM HHC’s Durban Poison 1900mg 2 ml Disposable. Begin your adventure now!


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