LOOM HHC Pineapple Kush 1900mg 2 ml Vape


Pineapple Kush is a marijuana hybrid strain created by combining Pineapple with Master Kush. Pineapple Kush has intellectual effects as well as a light body experience. This strain’s flavour has been characterised as a mild and sweet pineapple flavour with minty overtones. Growers report that this variety produces brown, green, and amber crystal-covered buds.

Myrcene is the most prevalent terpene in Pineapple Kush, followed by Caryophyllene and Pinene.



Giggly – Hungry – Talkative

Helps with:

Stress – Anxiety – Pain


  • 95% Premium HHC Distillate
  • 5% Terpenes
  • 100% Hemp-derived
  • Minimum 600 puffs
  • Hybrid, Giggly


LOOM HHC vapes are now available, the most powerful HHC vapes on the market. This innovative HHC vape uses premium 95% HHC distillate, combined with amazing terpenes to deliver a powerful mental and physical buzz.

HHC is a brand-new hemp-derived compound, with effects similar to Delta-9 and LOOM Vapes are extremely popular due to great terpene flavours, users report a nice clear high.


About Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush brings both relaxation and giggly sensations, offering a lighthearted experience. This hybrid strikes the right balance between physical and cerebral effects, providing a mild body buzz while keeping mental clarity.

Cannabis enthusiasts love its sweet and fruity flavor, with subtle pineapple and mint undertones. Whether for relief or relaxation, Pineapple Kush ensures an ideal experience, leaving users relaxed, joyful, and amused.

What is HHC?

HHC, short for hexahydro cannabinol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in trace amounts in hemp seeds and pollen. These concentrations are minuscule and difficult to detect. While HHC originates from CBD crops, it is synthetically processed in the lab, earning it the label of a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. HHC products are predominantly available in an artificial form. Robert Adams first discovered HHC in 1947, and it is commonly consumed through vaping, as candies, or in liquid form. This product is a partial derivative of CBD products.

How is HHC Produced?

HHC is created through a process called hydrogenation, where a hydrogen molecule is added to CBD, converting it into HHC. Vape cartridges are loaded with a HHC distillate and terpenes, offering various flavors.

What Are the Effects?

Unlike CBD, HHC does possess psychoactive effects that can alter behavior or perception. Common effects include euphoria, mood alterations, laughter, increased appetite, changes in reality perception, heightened sensory pleasure, and fatigue. These effects depend on dosage and may vary from person to person.




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