Triple X Mango Kush Premium H4CBD 1900mg 2ml Vape


Mango Kush marijuana strain tastes like mango fruit, with a strong Kush flavour and traces of pine on the exhale. Its buds are described as thick and coated in orange pistils.



Giggly – Hungry – Talkative

Helps with:

Stress – Anxiety – Depression


  • Minimum 600 puffs
  • Hybrid, Smile


H4CBD is a new molecule developed to provide all of the advantages cannabis without any of the psychoactive effects.



Exploring the Benefits of Triple X Mango Kush H4CBD Vape Pen

Introducing H4CBD: A Non-Psychoactive Marvel

H4CBD, a revolutionary molecule, has been carefully designed to provide all the benefits of cannabis without inducing any psychoactive effects. This innovation has opened new possibilities for individuals seeking the advantages of cannabis without the need to smoke it.


The Triple X Mango Kush H4CBD Vape Pen

For those looking to experience the benefits of H4CBD in a convenient and discreet manner, the Triple X Mango Kush H4CBD vape pen offers an excellent alternative. Its compact and unremarkable design ensures easy portability and convenience, allowing users to include it seamlessly into their daily routines.


Terpenes in Mango Kush: Unveiling the Flavor Profile

Mango Kush is generous in terpenes, thereby enriching the overall experience for users. The most prevalent terpene in Mango Kush is Myrcene, accompanied by Caryophyllene and Humulene. These terpenes not only enhance the strain’s flavor but also play a pivotal role in the potential  effects it offers.

A remarkable aspect of the Triple X Mango Kush H4CBD vape pen is its delightful taste. With a floral and spicy flavor profile, it aims to satisfy the palates of users, elevating the vaping experience to new heights.


Understanding H4CBD: A Hydrogenated Evolution of CBD

H4CBD is a hydrogenated form of CBD, a cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis plants. The term “H4CBD” refers to a specific chemical structure in which a hydrogen atom is added at the molecule’s fourth position. This process alters the characteristics and structure of CBD, potentially enhancing its potency.

While H4CBD shares similarities with CBD, the addition of a hydrogen atom significantly alters its molecular structure. This results in potential differences in its effects on the human body compared to traditional CBD. Researchers and the cannabis industry are fascinated by its potential and are committed to a detailed studie to explore its unique features and benefits.

Before considering the use of H4CBD, it’s crucial to gain a good understanding of its legality and potential benefits. This knowledge permits both researchers and individuals in the cannabis sector, facilitating informed decisions about its use and applications.


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