Held CBD oil 1500 mg (15%)

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Held CBD 15% enriched with vitamin D. The highest potency CBD oil in our range for patients. Learn more about usage in CBD College.



Join the world of Held and learn more about our journey towards finding the most suitable hemp to create the most effective CBD oil to relieve your pain against modern day diseases, relaxation and a better quality of life. Meet our highest potency full spectrum CBD oil enriched with vitamin D. After hand selecting the highest quality hemp and extracting with the most sophisticated CO2 method, we present to you Held CBD 15%.

After launching Held CBD 10%, the in-house experts of Held CBD decided to expand again with Held CBD 15% to help those whom need a higher dose of CBD supplements in their diet. It is adviced to be build op the dose, due to the high concentration of CBD.

Held CBD oil is a 100% biological, vegan and gluten-free. The oil naturally containing antioxidants, vitamins C and E is furthermore enriched with vitamin D for a better synergy.

How it’s made?

The process started at visiting several hemp farmers troughout Europe. There we select the best hemp suited for Held CBD. After blending the hemp to the best possible combination we believe will be most effective, a ”third party” cbd company with over more than 25 years of experience in this field extracts the oil under our supervision. The clean CO2 extraction is being dilluted with hemp seed oil for a better synergy. The hemp itself is free from pesticides and heavy metals. The extract is being cleaned from waxes and flavonoids and thoroughly tested after. After passing all quality tests and laboratory tests the bottling process starts according Dutch Health Regulations (HACCP).

How to use?

Use three drops each time, twice a day. If necessary build up to four drops.
Dosage too low? Contact us via info@heldcbd.com

How to store?

Keep out of reach of children. It is adviced to store dry and cool.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in most countries. Our CBD oils contains less than 0,2% (the legally allowed maximum) THC. Check your countries customs just to make sure.

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  1. Alessandra

    Very strong compared to other brands. Strong taste as well.

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