Held CBD Sleep Elixir 700 mg (7%)

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Meet our new full spectrum CBD Sleep Elixir . This new formula is enriched with calming extracts such as St. John’s wort, Valerian and Lemon balm. And of course, the perfectly unique concentration of 700mg (7%) full spectrum Held CBD oil.



Held CBD Sleep Elixir oil as a natural solution:

Made based on St. John’s wort, valerian, lemon balm, and the unique concentration of Held CBD 700 mg (7%) oil; Sleep Elixir is a new lab-tested full-spectrum formula. It was created by Held to help people get a better night of sleep without any recourse to chemical substances. All mentioned natural ingredients have shown their efficiency in improving sleep and beating insomnia for centuries. However, full-spectrum CBD oil remains the most powerful ingredient. Let’s go through some benefits of each ingredient:

St. John’s wort: People have been using this natural herbal supplement for centuries to ease the symptoms of depression. Indeed, St. John’s wort has shown very promising results in treating not only major depression but also bruises, wounds and sores.

Valerian: The root of Valerian was for so long used as a natural remedy to treat several health issues including insomnia. It helps with headaches, menopause symptoms, anxiety, muscle pain, digestive problems and fatigue. But it remains best known as the best natural remedy to beat insomnia.

Lemon balm: coming from the same herbal family as mint, lemon balm is traditionally used to relieve stress, boost the mood and help to relax. When combined with valerian, it relieves insomnia and sleep disorders.

Held CBD Oil: The highest quality hemp is carefully hand-selected by Held and extracted with the most sophisticated CO2 method to allow its users to take advantage of the benefits of CBD to relieve pain and sleep disorders, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost focus and energy.

Content: 10 ml

5 reviews for Held CBD Sleep Elixir 700 mg (7%)

  1. Richard Oak

    Undeniable the strongest cbd oil I have ever tried. I very much like the idea of cbd and natural herbs combined

  2. Oscar Ramirez

    Good quality!

  3. Priya

    Best present ever!

  4. Anita

    Beetje een raar smaakje

  5. Alvarez T


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