HHC Lolly Pop 50mg

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HHC Lolly 50mg Overview:

  • Potency: 50mg HHC per lolly
  • Recommended Dosage: Share one lolly or consume one per person
  • Flavor: Rich liquorice flavor
  • Origin: HHC derived from natural CBD through lab hydrogenation
  • Experience: Consciousness-expanding effects, mirroring natural HHC from hemp

Savor responsibly for a distinctive and enjoyable journey.



What is HHC?
HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol and the substance is a cannabinoid. HHC is a substance that occurs naturally in small concentrations in the hemp seeds and pollen of the hemp plant. These concentrations are so small that it can hardly be traced. The HHC in the HHC Lolly is derived from a natural CBD crop. Through a chemical process in a laboratory called hydrogenation, a hydrogen molecule is added to CBD, converting it into HHC. Today, HHC is smoked or eaten.

How is it made?
Since there is very little HHC present in the hemp plant, HHC is created by combining CBD and hydrogen molecules in the lab. The created substance HHC contains consciousness-expanding effects and is identical to the HHC from the hemp plant. The HHC is therefore added to, among other things, lollipops that have a fruit flavour.

What are the effects?
The effects of HHC are often very similar to the psychoactive cannabinoid and may consist of pain relief, appetite and sleep promotion or just a hindrance. The effects differ per person and also depend on the dose. The HHC acts on the same cannabinoid receptors as CBD does. HHC is free of both THC and nicotine

How do you use HHC lollipops?
You can simply consume HHC lollipops like a regular lollipop. It takes about 30 minutes before you can feel the HHC effects. Since HHC is an emerging drug, users are often unsure of the optimal dosage for themselves. It is therefore advisable to wait at least 1 hour after the first dose. Users can slowly build up the dosage until the desired feeling is achieved. In addition, you should also look carefully at the packaging to see which dosage it contains.

How do you store HHC lollipops?
It is recommended to store the lollipops in a cool, dark and dry place.

The use of HHC is only allowed for 18+ and is not recommended for pregnant women. Also, do not drive under the influence of HHC.

1 review for HHC Lolly Pop 50mg

  1. Tom

    De Lolly besteld en mooi verpakt binnengekomen. Het heeft een lekkere smaak net als een snoepje. De effecten waren zeer positief en goed aanwezig. Daarna heerlijk kunnen slapen, echt een aanrader

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