Acan Gold HHC Super Lemon Haze 1 ml Disposable


Super Lemon Haze, sometimes known as “SLH,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain from Green House Seeds that is a two-time Cannabis Cup champion. Super Lemon Haze is a multicoloured kief-caked marvel. As the name suggests, this strain has strong citrus undertones. The aroma is zesty, lemony, and somewhat sweet. After eating SLH, users frequently report feeling happy, creative, and concentrated, making it a popular option for daytime usage.

  • 95% Premium HHC Distillate
  • 5% Terpenes
  • 100% Hemp-derived
  • Minimum 300 puffs
  • Sativa, Morning

Instructions: Inhale 5 times to activate sensor. Child-proof for safety.


Elevate Your Day with Acan Gold HHC Super Lemon Haze 1 ml Disposable

About ‘Super Lemon Haze’

Indulge in the uplifting embrace of HHC Super Lemon Haze, a beloved sativa-dominant hybrid from Green House Seeds. This strain, a morning delight for cannabis enthusiasts, boasts vibrant colours, kief frosting, and a distinctive citrusy profile that blends zest and sweetness. With Super Lemon Haze, your day kicks off with a burst of happiness, creativity, and focus.

A Citrus Symphony of Terpenes

Super Lemon Haze stands out with Terpinolene, Ocimene, and Caryophyllene, crafting its unique flavour and effects. Terpinolene, found in lilacs and apples, lends a piney, herbal aroma with potential antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Known for sedative and euphoric effects, Terpinolene creates a great experience.

Unveiling the Power of Ocimene

Ocimene, a protective terpene, contributes to Super Lemon Haze’s defence mechanism against harmful elements. This aromatic compound, with floral and citrus notes, enhances the strain’s overall appeal. In the plant kingdom, Ocimene serves as a natural deterrent to pests, ensuring a vibrant and healthy cannabis crop.

What Sets HHC Apart?

HHC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid, graces Super Lemon Haze in trace amounts from hemp seeds and pollen. Crafted through hydrogenation, HHC transforms CBD into a psychoactive compound, offering euphoria, altered mood, and heightened sensory pleasure. The vapes, infused with HHC distillate and terpenes, come in diverse flavours.

Embrace the ExperienceUnlike CBD, HHC delivers psychoactive effects, altering perception and inducing euphoria. Starting with 3 inhalations is recommended, feeling the effects minutes after vaping. With 300 to 400 inhalations per vape, store it upright at room temperature, away from sunlight. HHC use is only advised for adults, and pregnant women should abstain. Never drive under its influence.

Elevate your vaping journey with Acan Gold HHC Super Lemon Haze. A symphony of terpenes and the essence of HHC await—a delightful experience for cannabis lovers.



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